Mitchel Hannon

GIS Program Director

Mitchel Hannon is the GIS Program Director for The Trust for Public Land. In this role he manages a team of GIS professionals and consultants working to implement cutting-edge GIS methodologies, tools and frameworks for conservation projects at national, regional and local scales. Mitchel also manages and implements projects nationwide in TPL’s Large Landscape, Climate and Greenprint programs and manages the spatial data development of TPL’s Conservation Almanac and TPL’s role in the National Conservation Easement Database collaborative effort.

Mitchel has a M.S. in Biology from the University of Nevada-Reno and has spent a number of years working on wildlife and conservation issues in the field and through the use of GIS. Since joining The Trust for Public Land in 2006, he has designed GIS models for over 30 land prioritization projects at a variety of scales. These models have covered a diverse set of issues, including water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat, cultural resources, agriculture and recreation. As analyst for TPL’s Conservation Almanac, Mitchel has provided statistics on the environmental services provided to the community through several Return on Investment reports for public funding programs. As manager of TPL’s role in the development and use of the National Conservation Easement Database, he participates in the development of a national conserved lands database through a collaboration with the USGS Protected Areas Database.