Jennifer Geiling

Jennifer Geiling is a senior executive with two decades of experience leading organizations, teams, and initiatives in public, nonprofit and private sectors. She currently serves as Deputy Director of Procurement Operations, Policy and Partnership with The City of New York, Mayor’s Office of Contract Services. Jennifer is a corporate lawyer by training with expertise in nonprofit management, technology innovation, procurement and contracting, public policy and communications. In her 20 years working in the New York City human services sector, she has been an advocate for equity, inclusion, and access for our City’s communities, especially our underserved neighbors. Jennifer has a passion for parks both locally and nationally – she was married in Central Park, raised her children in New York City’s parks, spends family vacations in our country’s national parks and grew up in California, learning to hike, rock climb and embrace the beauty and joys of public parks through school programs and camps in Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and local parks and trails.