Brian Braa

Over the past 35 years Brian Braa has worked in two distinct careers. His most significant work was as a landscape architect and planner for unique and sometimes iconic public resources in national parks and world heritage areas. These included Stonehenge, Alcatraz Island, Old Faithful Geyser, the Statue of Liberty, and ancient settlements in Oman. Past projects incorporated open space master planning, design guideline development, visual and historic impact assessment, visitor experience planning, environmental impact assessment, ecological suitability analysis, project cost projections, multi-disciplinary team management, workshop facilitation and public consultation. He is avidly interested in integrating social, ecological, and economic needs in a sustainable way while protecting/enhancing a place’s special characteristics.

Brian is also a CPA, having worked for AT&T and other blue-chip companies, as well as the U.S Agency for International Development. He has also used this expertise to determine the financial viability of landscape planning projects. Brian has a BA from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona.