Anna Callaway

As a child, my weekends and free time were spent visiting properties across South Carolina. I’m a third generation real estate investor – love for real estate came with my DNA. I started helping my parents identify investment properties while in college and then moved to Atlanta to begin my career at Coca-Cola. But I couldn’t shake the real estate bug. I was soon buying a foreclosure in Midtown while I was learning the market at age 23, moving on to investment properties and house-hacking a few years later.

After nearly a decade in the Coca-Cola Company’s Corporate Sustainability and Philanthropy teams, focused on supporting sustainable communities all over the world, I could not resist the urge to merge my passion for helping people with my passion for real estate. One of the things I was most excited about in starting my real estate business was ability to help people with the biggest investment of their lives, and also help through giving back to the organizations that make this city thrive.

Anna currently serves on the board of directors at HouseProud Atlanta, a nonprofit that provides free home repairs for seniors, veterans, and others in need of critical repairs in Atlanta, and as Vice President of the board of directors at the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool.

Anna lives in Grant Park with her husband, Fuller, a private wealth manager who focuses on environmentally and socially responsible investing, their son Abner, and their labradoodle, Choco.