Park Design & Development

Four school boys run on the new running track at P.S. 33 Community Playground
Test run on PS 33 Community Playground's new track
Photo credit: 
Jennifer Causey

The Trust for Public Land helps transform newly acquired or existing sites into parks, playgrounds, and trails. Our experts work  with communities on all aspects of the park design and build process.

Community organizing

We help forge partnerships among government representatives, civic leaders, and community organizations. These partnerships strengthen the community's investment in the park and help ensure that the park meets residents' needs.

Participatory design

Our design process includes both community stakeholders and potential park users. In the case of a school playground, ideas might come from students, teachers, school administrators, parents, and neighborhood volunteers. Community design teams meet under the guidance of Trust for Public Land staff, conduct site assessments, and discuss the layout of the park or playground. A professional landscape architect finalizes plans before they are submitted for community approval.

Green Infrastructure

To help cities address water quality and urban runoff issues, many of our parks feature green infrastructure solutions. Our approach not only helps cities manage stormwater, but also provides lasting and broad community benefits. Appropriately designed playgrounds, parks, gardens, and trails are a cost-effective approach to managing runoff, and improve air quality, cool the city, and provide residents with public spaces to enjoy. Learn more

Site restoration

If a site requires preparation for a park, we may arrange for demolition of structures, removal of toxics, and restoration to a natural or usable condition.

Park management and stewardship

In planning a park, we work with partners to make sure the new park is well-maintained and well-used. This may include training in park maintenance and community organizing, or training community stewards in programming and park management.

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