Conservation Transactions

Protecting land brings all kinds of people together—in our work across the country, we’ve seen creative collaborations between everyone from hikers and birders to utility districts and railroads. But there’s one type of conservationist you might find... Read more

Map of completed projects in New Hampshire  through 2013.

Map of completed projects in Vermont through 2013.

Map of The Trust for Public Land's projects in Maine, 1993-2012

Map of completed projects in New Jersey, updated 2012.

Minnesota state brochure outlining project work at The Trust for Public Land.

Map of completed projects in New Hampshire's White Mountains area through 2010.

Researched and written in response to requests from community leaders, The Conservation Program Handbook includes all the information conservation professionals need to effectively and efficiently conserve local landscapes.

The Land Trust Alliance (LTA) and TPL have revised and expanded The Conservation Easement Handbook, the definitive resource for land conservation professionals developing a conservation easement program to meet local acquisition needs.

Purchase of development rights (PDR) transactions allow private landowners to conserve working landscapes using market and incentive-based, non-regulatory techniques. PDR programs are voluntary, cooperative, public-private partnerships that help realize the permanent protection of lands that define many communities across the West.