One month at The Trust for Public Land: November 2013


Fall leaves
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Flickr user Joe Barnas

You've been busy! In November, you swept the yard free of the last autumn leaves and prepped an amazing Thanksgiving meal—but did you know that you also helped conserve a mangrove forest and create a waterfront park? Last month, your support meant we were able to ...

... answer a wish on a Washington shoreline. 

Harstine Island, Washington
A day on the shore at Harstine Island.
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Darcy Kiefel

Fudge Point on Harstine Island has been on local conservationists' "wish list" for decades, and no wonder: it's a unique spot where you can see the mountains—Rainier, St. Helens, and the Olympic range—from the beach. After it came under threat of development, we helped add the land to the state park system. 

... safeguard a hardworking wetland.

Mangrove tree, Florida
A stunning sunset on the Florida shore.
Photo credit: 
Flickr user Daniel Peckham

Mangrove trees like this one are more than pretty scenery: they actually help filter the water they grow in and keep it safe for us to drink. In Florida last month, we protected wetland mangroves growing in an important estuary on the Gulf of Mexico.

... get people moving on an urban greenway.

Cyclist on greenway
Walking or cycling on urban greenways can be a fun and healthy alternative to driving.
Photo credit: 
Jerry and Marcy Monkman/

In Springfield, Oregon, a four-mile path will help connect pedestrians and cyclists to schools and businesses downtown. Running alongside a newly restored pond, the Mill Race Path will provide a welcome dose of natural beauty in the heart of town.

You're making a difference in communities across the country. Keep it up!


George Sardina MD, January 8, 2014
Thank you for the suggestions! I note that the one month at TPL lists of acquisitions does not include any information about the purchase except to say what state it is located.

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