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Who else is dreaming of a warm paradise as the temperature drops?

Rugged, rocky Maine keeps its secrets well. Among them: the High Peaks—a region of thriving forests, hidden lakes, and sweeping mountain vistas to rival the Rockies and Sierras.

You've been busy! In November, you swept the yard free of the last autumn leaves and prepped an amazing Thanksgiving meal—but did you know that you also helped conserve a mangrove forest and create a waterfront park? Last month, your support meant we were able to ...

Ronald “Kartoon” Antwine has lived across the street from the vacant lot on Monitor Ave for more than four decades.

Sick of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday mayhem? Us too. For a more meaningful way to stretch your dollar further—and do some lasting good in the process—why not make a donation to The Trust for Public Land?