Farms and ranches

Robie Farm, New Hampshire

Robie Farm in Piermont, New Hampshire, is a multigenerational family farm supplying milk, cheese, and meats to more than 50 restaurants and markets in New England. The 150-acre farm is a community icon and a vital link in the local food economy.

Haskill Basin, near Whitefish, Montana

Montana's Haskill Basin provides nearly 75 percent of the water supply for the town of Whitefish, located near Glacier National Park. Any development on 3,000 acres of the basin near the Whitefish Mountain Resort and Iron Horse golf community would put the town's water supply and rural character at risk.

In the News

More than 3,000 acres of working forestlands in Haskill Basin near the City of Whitefish would be permanently protected under a plan announced today by The Trust for Public Land and the F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Company—Montana's oldest family-owned lumber company.

C & C Reading Farm, Massachusetts

This farm has been an open landscape and active farm through a succession of different owners since the early 1600s. In recent years, however, the site's location near West Bridgewater's busy commercial area has made it the focus of several plans for commercial development.

Elmwood Farm, MA

We helped arrange the purchase of 81 acres on Elmwood Farm as public open space, preserving Hopkinton's rural character and ensuring that the extensive hiking trails will always be open to the community.

Sprucewood Forest, NH

Sprucewood Forest is a key linkage to existing conservation lands. The wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, and recreational value of this property make the forest a conservation priority for the town of Durham.

Galbraith Estate

The Trust for Public Land worked with its partners to purchase and protect this former pineapple plantation for use by local farmers on O'ahu.

Saguache Ranch, CO

Central Colorado's Saguache Creek corridor has a rich history: once home to prehistoric peoples, it was also an important transportation route for the Ute Indians.

Lookout Mountain sunset, Hoback Basin, Wyoming

The Hoback Basin is an extraordinary and unique land, part of Greater Yellowstone and one of the last unspoiled wild places in the country. Oil and natural gas are important businesses in Wyoming, but local communities galvanized around a common belief that the Hoback is “too precious to drill.”

These days, it’s more likely the food on your plate was shipped from across the country—or imported from another country—than grown at a local farm.