We all need parks. And yet, across the country, 1 in 3 Americans—that’s more than 100 million people, including 28 million kids—don’t have a park within a 10-minute walk of home.

Together with partners like L.L.Bean, we’re working to change that. As an outdoor retail company dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors together, L.L.Bean shares the same values we do. We both believe that spending time in nature—whether it’s a whole day or fifteen minutes—enriches our lives and makes us feel rejuvenated, healthier and happier.

In support of our vision to put a quality park within a 10-minute walk of every person in America, L.L.Bean has created an annual award that will fund up to five worthy community greening projects across the nation each year.

At L.L.Bean, we’ve always been about trying to get more people outside, whether it’s a paddle down a remote river or a hike on a nearby neighborhood trail. The Trust for Public Land shares in this mission with the great work they do to create green spaces, as well as preserve those that already exist. We’re very proud to be partnering with The Trust for Public Land to promote our common goals of improving access to the outdoors for all.
—Shawn Gorman, Executive Chairman of L.L.Bean