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With snow still on the ground and temperatures well below freezing, the last place anyone wanted to be on Thursday was in a park. The adverse weather conditions, however, didn't stop city officials, led by Mayor Andre Sayegh, from gathering in Lou Costello Park to announce Paterson's entry into a national campaign to expand access to parks across the city.


It’s been a promising week for public lands on Capitol Hill: on Tuesday, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved a bill that that would permanently reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). LWCF officially expired on Sunday at midnight, but the...


In many parts of the country, golf courses are struggling to turn a profit: by some estimates, 800 have closed down in just the past decade. When they do, they leave a hundred-acre question behind: what should happen to all that land?

In some communities, locals opt to keep once-private...


Mount Katahdin marks the end of many long journeys. The 5,267-foot peak is Maine’s highest point, the summit of a formidably steep and rocky climb from the nearest trailhead. The mountain is also the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, where thru-hikers culminate months of trekking long...


Falcons have captured the human imagination for thousands of years: they’re a potent symbol in ancient myths—and for present-day sports teams. At Lafayette Street School in Newark, New Jersey, the falcon is a mascot and a source of inspiration. “Falcons rise and soar, and they’re strong and...

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The City of New Brunswick has long been a leader in ensuring health and wellness for its residents. Over the past three years, Mayor Cahill and city agencies have worked in partnership with a diverse group of organizations known as the Healthier New Brunswick (HNB) network to create a Blueprint for Action that outlines strategies for improving health and wellness among city residents.

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The Trust for Public Land today announced that Newark has received $750,000 from the National Park Service to build the final phase of Jesse Allen Park in Newark.

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This report focuses on the opportunity presented by federally-mandated stormwater management requirements. Green Infrastructure (GI) is a decentralized and potentially cost-effective alternative management strategy that can reduce stormwater at its source, while simultaneously providing communities with a number of other valuable urban ecosystem services – direct and indirect benefits that people can derive from urban ecosystems.

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The Trust for Public Land today announced it has acquired and donated to the state of New Jersey 413 acres in the Pinelands, which will help protect drinking water and provide more recreation for local residents within this vast network of forests, marshes and wetlands in south-central New Jersey.

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For much of the past century, wetlands were dismissed as useless or even dangerous—dredged, filled in, developed, and polluted. Since 1900, we’ve lost nearly two-thirds of the wetland in the contiguous United States.

The good news? Attitudes and policies are starting to come around: today...