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For artist Daniela Rivera, every walk through Boston’s Grove Hall neighborhood is a sonic adventure. “In a few blocks you’ll hear people speaking with all kinds of accents, you’ll hear music and languages from across Latin America, Jamaica, and the United States,” she says. “For a tiny little...


In Cleveland, planting trees is the first step of a long journey to create welcoming green space in a public housing community. In Chicago, a dilapidated mini golf course is being reimagined as fields of opportunity. And in Boston, a neighborhood is ready to tear down the wall that separates...


Mount Katahdin marks the end of many long journeys. The 5,267-foot peak is Maine’s highest point, the summit of a formidably steep and rocky climb from the nearest trailhead. The mountain is also the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, where thru-hikers culminate months of trekking long...

Press release

The Trust for Public Land today announced an expansion of the Appalachian Trail corridor in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. A 370-acre tract of land adjoining the summit of Warner Hill was purchased by the organization and transferred to the National Park Service, which will manage the land as part of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

This report outlines Boston’s urban heat island impacts, green infrastructure mitigation strategies, the results of a vulnerability analysis, and provides locally-specific recommendations for mitigation.

Climate Smart Cities, Boston

As communities seek new strategies to protect residents, infrastructure, and quality of life, The Trust for Public Land is helping by bringing its nationally recognized Climate-Smart Cities program to metro Boston.

Article by Peter Harnik and Alexandra Hiple that appeared in the September 2016 edition of Parks & Recreation magazine.


Update—November 9, 2016: Americans voted overwhelmingly in support of parks this Election Day. Of the 86 park, conservation, and restoration measures that appeared on ballots across the country, 68 passed. That means that in one day, voters like you created $6.3 billion for land...


On a cool, wet evening in early May, J.T. Horn found himself pacing outside of a high school gym in Northfield, Massachusetts. Behind the double doors, neighbors were gathered for the annual town meeting. Among the usual budget items—repairs at the fire station, funds for the recycling program—...

Tents, tarps, and bikes in a forested campsite

Hot sun, warm waves, and cool sea breeze through the pitch pines: this is the stuff of summer that lures millions of people to Cape Cod National Seashore each year. And it's what make the North of Highlands Camping Area—nestled in a shady forest near the northern tip of the cape—a perennial...