Land&People, Spring 2000

Turning the Tide
by Richard Stapleton

As sprawl threatens, citizens act to safeguard the Maine coast Rachel Carson loved.

A Farm on a River
by Janisse Ray

Within Atlanta’s growing footprint, 40 acres, a man, and a mule embody the rural past.

The Heart and Soul of an Acequia
by Stanley Crawford

A Hispanic village in booming northern New Mexico invokes colonial-era laws to protect its free-flowing water.

Change Comes to Madison Valley
by Mark Matthews

Development is attracting Montana’s ranchers to a new conservation tool–Purchase of Development Rights.

Brownfields are Fertile Ground for EPA
A conversation with Carol Browner
by Tom Horton

Converting brownfields to green spaces is part of the EPA leader’s vision–and she’s doing something about it.

Earth Angels
by Eddy L. Harris

A writer revisits his St. Louis neighborhood, where kids memorialize lost young lives with trees and reclaim their place on earth.