Land&People, Fall 1998

A Lake Called Lindbergh
by Frank Edward Allen

“Lucky Lindy” once took refuge at this serene spot in Montana’s Swan Valley. Today these still-wild lands are refuge for grizzlies…and the community wants to keep it that way.

Keepers of the River
by Ken Edelstein

In a race with development, metro Atlanta must hurry if it is to safeguard its riverfront and bring the Chattahoochee back to life.

The Once and Future Coast
by Peter Steinhart

A foundation’s commitment to protect California lands brings a priceless stretch of coastline within public reach.

Sacred Ground
by Richard H. Stapleton

Religious institutions face a crisis of conscience as lands they have owned for decades must be sold.

A Conversation with Paul Gorman
by Susan Ives

Creating a liturgy for the Earth