The Power of Place

"Each individual who joined us in the Power of Place campaign has helped bring the benefits of nature to countless others across the country. Today we stand together more able than ever before to ensure that—for all of us—the outdoors are never out of reach."

- Will Rogers, CEO

Together, we thought big.
With your help, we delivered.

The Power of Place campaign’s success comes from the overwhelming support of our dedicated supporters and friends across the country, committed to our shared vision of land for people—thank you.

With your help, we raised $466.9 million—$66.9 million beyond our initial goal—to protect our most treasured places, urban and wild, that define the American landscape.

Today, we are positioned to accomplish more than ever before, powered by the momentum of your support and generosity.

William Cramp Elementary School, Philadelphia


William Cramp Elementary School, Philadelphia


The Power of Place campaign generated unprecedented momentum, driven by your generous support and partnership.

We created 253 parks, playgrounds, and special places in communities across the country, designed to help connect us all with nature, our heritage, and each other.

This also includes the 14,000-foot Wilson Peak in Colorado and Stonewall National Monument in New York City.

We also added 73 dedicated Fitness Zone® areas bringing our total to over 100, making cardiovascular fitness more accessible to thousands of people.

The Power of Place campaign ensured 568,000 acres were preserved and protected for public access…

…and 4,511 of these acres were added to national parks, including nearly 300 acres to Saguaro National Park and the largest addition to Yosemite National Park in over 50 years.

We partnered with 20 Climate-Smart Cities and developed 163 greenprints, maps, and conservation plans to help ensure conservation-minded cities are also healthier and more livable, now and for generations to come.
This represents an 86.2% increase in the number of greenprints, maps and conservation plans created since 2010.

Since the start of the Power of Place campaign, we generated more than $34 billion in public funding for parks and land protection, more than doubling our success in our first 38 years of operation.

This also reflects 105 million voters willing to vote “green” in 37 states—and the generation of powerful momentum for the conservation movement overall.

Your role in the success of the Power of Place campaign helped ensure that 7.1 million people now live within a 10-minute walk of a special outdoor place—

and we are just getting started.

A woman and toddler trudge up a snowy hill

“I walk here every day. I like everything about this park. I’m happy that it’s here—that it’s going to help the neighborhood. Everything about this park is great!”

Frogtown Park, MN

Children playing at Glen Helen

“I still have pinch-me moments when I realize that it is finally, actually protected. No doubt, The Trust for Public Land is significantly responsible for seeing that we got it done on our watch.”

Nick Boutis, Glen Helen Nature Preserve, OH

Maria Irias

“We love being out here on the trail. We live nearby, and we try to come every other day. It’s so family-friendly, and we can easily walk or run the whole trail. It’s friendly up here in general- we say hi to other families. It feels like one big community.”

Maria Irias on the 606, IL

Children playing at PS164

“Without The Trust for Public Land, we wouldn’t have this. When there are more community green spaces, the future looks alive and vibrant, full of energy that is real and connected and growing.” ”

Taura McMeekin, P.S. 164 Playground, NY

Chris Elliot

“My grandma cried when we got this land. A happy kind of cry. Once I have my own kids, I will bring them here so they can see this beautiful place.”

Chris Elliot, Kashia Coastal Reserve, CA

Nataka Crayton Walker

“We’re working to teach people how to grow—and how to own and operate their own enterprise. The same support those tomatoes are getting—that’s like the support we get from The Trust for Public Land.”

Nataka Crayton Walker, Garrison-Trotter Farm, MA

Walter Hodges

"My family can now ride from our home to the downtown area, avoiding congested roadways. This new section is a tremendous asset to our neighborhood and community. The connectivity among urban, suburban, and natural outdoor spaces is truly remarkable."

Walter Hodges, South Chickamauga Greenway, TN

Girl playing at William Dick Elementary School

“When my little brother and sisters and my mom come get me from school they always want to come back here and play.”

William Dick Elementary School, PA

Nancy Zak

“The Trust for Public Land has been a terrific partner because they looked to the community for guidance in the project. I feel really blessed to have been a part of it.”

Nancy Zak, Newark Riverfront Park, NJ

Your investment in our future

In just six years, the Trust for Public Land endowment increased from $50,000 to over $20,000,000.

As more and more communities are calling on us to create parks and protect land—from backyard to backcountry—endowment gifts make it possible for us to respond with flexibility, and to address the unique challenges facing each community.

Our endowment allows us to hire and retain talented leaders, who develop parks and programs where they are needed most, tackle difficult land-protection problems, and explore cutting-edge conservation technologies.

Meet our endowment-supported Trust for Public Land Conservation Fellows:

“The Martha Wyckoff Conservation Fellowship has been the lynchpin to development of an innovative, research-based Climate Conservation program at The Trust for Public Land. It enabled us to consult with experts around the country and dig into science and data to develop our national strategy, instead of searching for start-up grants that might have constrained our future course. Now the endowed position gives us ongoing and dedicated capacity to provide thought leadership and strategic guidance for the program—the hallmark of our success for Climate-Smart Cities and other climate efforts.”

Jad Daley
director of program development
martha wyckoff conservation fellowship

Jad DaleyJad Daley

“The JEPS Conservation Fellowship has ensured that the Southwest program has the benefit of innovative, fresh, and forward-thinking leadership that advances our efforts to preserve the beauty of the Southwest well into the future. The support provided by this generous gift is providing equitable access to nature for all across the Southwest.”

Jason Corzine
community conservation director
jeps Inaugural conservation fellow

Jason CorzineJason Corzine

“The Edmund C. Olson Trust Fellowship is a critical investment in the future of land conservation in Hawaii. This inaugural endowed position gives us the peace of mind knowing The Trust for Public Land will be able to complete projects like Kuamo‘o, Turtle Bay, and Ka Iwi well into the future.”

Lea Hong
Hawaiian Islands State Director
Edmund C. Olson Trust Fellow

Lea HongLea Hong

“Having an endowed position allows me to truly engage at the community level, listening to the residents, city administrators, nonprofit groups and those that passionately care about the San Gabriel Mountains, all while pursuing conservation outcomes. While this in-depth interaction takes extra time and effort, it creates a rich understanding of the region, and in turn, better strategy for success. Without this endowment, I can honestly say that The Trust for Public Land would not be in a leadership role in the San Gabriel Mountains, and that we would not have the range of opportunities currently available to the organization.”

Paolo Perrone
Project Manager
Southern California Conservation Fellow

Paolo PerronePaolo Perrone

“The JEPS Conservation Fellowship ensures that the Trust for Public Land builds an evidence-based and community-driven National Public Health Program. This critical investment enables us to develop and implement effective public health intervention strategies that address adverse health outcomes and confront ameliorating root determinants that perpetuate health disparity among our most vulnerable populations. We cannot do this work alone. However, through this generous endowment, we will strategically forge broad sector partnerships that support and amplify our efforts to improve health and advance healthy equity. This endowment, is essentially a gift of health and life.”

Dr. Hanaa Hamdi
JEPS Conservation Fellow

Hanaa HamdiDr. Hanaa Hamdi

Together, we can protect, plan, and create more than ever before.

Thank you.