Silvermine Fowler Preserve

Silvermine Fowler Preserve featured image

“We have to start proving that we really care what happens to our planet. And this is a pretty good place to start.”

~ JIM FOWLER, NATURALIST AND COHOST OF MUTUAL OF OMAHA’S WILD KINGDOM, on the protection of the Silvermine Fowler Preserve, October 2017.

The Trust for Public Land is proud to announce the creation of the Silvermine Fowler Preserve – an idyllic six-acre nature sanctuary in New Canaan, Connecticut that is open for the public to roam, ramble, and explore. The Trust for Public Land worked with the New Canaan Land Trust to protect the six-acre New Canaan property of Jim and Betsey Fowler – the place they called home for more than 30 years. The Silvermine Fowler Preserve protects acres of serene woodlands and a freshwater pond from the threat of development and creates new public access to the neighboring New Canaan Land Trust 41-acre Kelley Upland Sanctuary. Celebrating the opening of the Silvermine Fowler Preserve, Jim, Betsey, their children, and grandchildren were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony along with over 200 area residents. Recognizing Jim’s respect for nature, we have proven that we really care about what happens to our planet by protecting this important habitat for several species of migratory birds and other significant wildlife, including people!

Thanks to more than one hundred generous donors, partners, and members of the New Canaan Land Trust, this land will be protected and open to the public for generations to come. Through local collaborations like this, The Trust for Public Land has successfully protected over 3.3 million acres of vulnerable land across the United States. In Connecticut alone, over 7,000 acres have been protected. 7,000 acres and counting!