Parks for People–Camden

Parks for People-Camden, New JerseyPhoto credit: Luke Walter

When rainstorms roll over Camden, residents look nervously to their drains. The Delaware riverfront city's aging sewer system tends to overflow in heavy storms, inundating streams, streets, and even homes with dirty floodwater. Now, The Trust for Public Land is stepping up to help the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority manage stormwater by strengthening its green infrastructure and by identifying parks and other public areas that can be developed to better absorb downpours and reduce the risk of flooding. These well-designed green spaces will improve Camden's public and environmental health, while creating vibrant, much-needed places for its residents to gather and play.

Experts in urban planning at The Trust for Public Land are rounding out a year-long study to determine which neighborhoods need more parks and flood control the most. Next, we'll work with city partners and community members to find a location and create a vision for a new park that meets both of those needs. Our demonstration project is the latest step toward a greener, healthier future for the city, and brings our Parks for People program closer to reaching its goal of putting a great park within a ten-minute walk of every urban resident in Camden.

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