Nantachie-Saline Restoration Area

Nantachie-Saline Restoration Area featured image

Located in central Louisiana, the Kisatchie National Forest is a sportsperson’s paradise, with an estimated 706,262 annual visitors. Within the forest lies the Nantachie-Saline Restoration Area, a 20,000-acre privately owned inholding that The Trust for Public Land is working to protect.

In the first phase of this conservation effort, TPL will acquire an initial 5,000-acres containing some  wetlands, riparian areas and multiple watersheds important for wildlife and recreation. Acquisition of the property will help consolidate large areas of national forest land, enhance public recreation and aid the restoration of the longleaf pine ecosystem and the potential recovery of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. 

TPL is seeking an appropriation of $5 million from the Land and Water Conservation Fund in 2011 to assure the preservation of 5,000-acres of the Nantachie-Saline Restoration Area.