City Park, New OrleansPhoto credit: TPL Archives

Along the Gulf Coast and throughout the rest of Louisiana, we work on community-driven efforts to ensure the sustainability of natural systems and local economies.

Local offices

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Louisiana projects

Projects (sorted alphabetically):


Bayou Teche, in south-central Louisiana, lies at the southernmost end of the Atchafalaya River Basin, one of the most productive wildlife areas in North America and the nation's largest undisturbed expanse of wetlands. The Bayou is home to the threatened native black bear and boasts the greatest number of bald eagle sightings in the state. We’ve worked with locals and public agencies for over two decades to protect this area from development, beginning in 2001, when we helped create the Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge by acquiring 9,000 acres for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


We joined forces with the City Park Improvement Association to restore and enhance the fifty acre Big Lake area, near the entrance of New Orleans' City Park.

Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana

TPL helped add part of Brazilier Island in Lake Pontchartrain to Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana-located 15 minutes northeast of New Orleans' French Quarter.

Fitness Zone along Big Lake Trail in City Park, New Orleans

In New Orleans, we helped create a Fitness Zone® area in City Park, one of the nation's oldest urban parks.


In Louisiana, we are working to mitigate the effects of climate change by sequestering carbon through reforestation and restoring wetlands that buffer coasts from storm damage.


Few American cities are more vulnerable to climate change-related flooding, heat, and storms than New Orleans. Our Climate-Smart Cities team is working with public agencies, neighborhoods, funders, and researchers to help New Orleans develop green infrastructure where it’s needed most.

Louisiana Coastal Protection

TPL helps conserve and create coastal refuges along Louisiana's barrier islands, forests and marshland that protect wildlife and buffer cities like New Orleans from hurricane winds and floods, while also protecting resources including the fish, crabs and shellfish that support the region's seafood harvest and local economies.

Aerial view of Fleming Plantation with NOLA in the background

We're working to secure funding towards the phased acquisition of this historic plantation so it can be included into the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park, permanently protecting this large environmentally and historically important property.

Lafitte Greenway, New Orleans

In 2010, we bought a 17-acre parcel at the gateway to the Greenway, the first step in bringing a decades-old vision of the Greenway to reality. We are continuing to work closely with the city to determine best practices and next steps to ensure that Lafitte Greenway reaches its full potential as a community asset.


We worked in partnership with the New Orleans Recreation Department Commission and the Bywater Neighborhood Association to renovate this neighborhood park.

Nantachie-Saline Restoration Area, Kisatchie National Forest

TPL is working to protect the Nantachie-Saline Restoration Area in Louisiana's Kisatchie National Forest, which features wetlands and riparian areas important to wildlife, calcareous prairies, longleaf pine forests.

TPL helped the US Navy and Plaquemines Parish in Belle Chasse, Louisiana create a park that protects the Naval Air Station-Joint Reserve Base operations and the local water supply.

Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana

In 2003 we began to purchase and restore 11,000-acres of the property as an addition that connects two units of the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge into one contiguous conservation area. We have reforested over 8,000 acres by planting 3.3 million native trees. When fully-grown these trees will sequester over 2.5 million tonnes of carbon.