Heat Capture: Stories from Philadelphia’s Hottest Neighborhoods

pa_lanier_08032018_151Opening celebration of Lanier Playground on August 4th 2018 in the Grey's Ferry neighborhood of South Philadelphia.Photo Credit: Elyse Leyenberger / TPL Staff

There is no question that our climate is warming. Extreme heat in American cities now causes more deaths than all other weather events combined. People are calling on cities to plant more trees in their neighborhoods and install splash pads where families can cool off, but all neighborhoods are not treated equally. Low-income communities have seen a disproportionately low share of parks and open space investment putting entire neighborhoods at greater risk of rising temperatures.
We’ve partnered with nationally renowned artist Eve Mosher to create Heat Capture: Stories from Philadelphia’s Hottest Neighborhoods. Neighbors and local artists will work together in Grays Ferry, South Philadelphia East and North Philadelphia to create public art that answers the question: “Why should we care about urban heat and what can we do about it?”
As the art emerges in public spaces, we’ll use this moment to motivate the citizens and leaders of Philadelphia to respond with meaningful steps to cool and connect neighborhoods. Your gift can support our work to ensure everyone has access to a high-quality park close to where they live. Donate today.
Heat Capture: Stories from Philadelphia’s Hottest Neighborhoods has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.