• Fitness Zone Program
    Fitness Zone® program

    From Miami to Los Angeles, there are 68 Fitness Zone areas already in use—and more on the way.

We all strive to be healthy and fit. But for many Americans, finding a place to exercise can prove more of a challenge than the workout itself. The Trust for Public Land's Fitness Zone® program provides free outdoor fitness equipment in local parks—often in neighborhoods where gym memberships are too pricey to be practical.

With your support, we're empowering communities with an innovative new resource in the fight against obesity.

Friends and fitness

In Los Angeles, intrepid seniors are using their local Trust for Public Land Fitness Zone® area to get outside and get in shape.

All-access pass to exercise

The new Fitness Zone equipment in Azalea Park in west St. Petersburg, FL
When The Trust for Public Land debuted its new wheelchair-accessible Fitness Zone® installation at Azalea Park in St. Petersburg, Florida, Paralympian Jen French was in attendance to help us celebrate.

Finding health and hope

sister, Susan Deveney, emailed us. She was writing to say thank you for helping her brother regain his hope and strength.