Clark-Fulton Park

ca_wattsserenitypark_061_11162015A girl lays in the grass at Watts Serenity Park in Los Angeles, California on November 16, 2015.Photo Credit: Annie Bang

Clark-Fulton and Stockyards are two of Cleveland’s most densely populated neighborhoods with rich cultural diversity that has characterized the west side of Cleveland for generations. Throughout the 20th century, residents of Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton and Stockyard neighborhoods watched as the factories and industrial sites closed, and people moved away, leaving the two communities socio-economically marginalized and devoid of institutions and resources.
We’re working with residents and community partners to create a shared vision for a new park in this currently under-resourced Cleveland community where few residents have access to quality open space. This site also adjoins two bedrock community institutions: Clark Elementary School and the Clark Recreation Center, the new park will offer even more space for the community to gather. With help from local residents, we’ll design a park with playgrounds, sports facilities, seating, spaces for future farmers markets and social gatherings, and tree plantings to keep the park cool on hot days. Our shared vision is to create a special place that all generations can use, enjoy, and maintain for years to come.