900 Innes/India Basin Shoreline Park

View from India Basin shoreline parkPhoto credit: TPL staff

Plans are underway for the renovation of the existing India Basin Shoreline Park and development of the newly acquired property at 900 Innes as a Bayview neighborhood amenity. Park improvements and shoreline access ensure the opportunity for social connection, physical recreation, and inspiration for residents of San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. The project aims to support much-needed opportunities for recreation and community-building.

In 2003, The Trust for Public Land led a community-based process to rethink and update the existing India Basin Shoreline Park. Starting in 2014 we began working with San Francisco Parks and Recreation, the Bayview community, and other partners on a comprehensive plan to extend parks and trails along the entire sweep of India Basin, including the former industrial site at 900 Innes Avenue. The vision is a new park at this site and a revitalized shoreline park system in Bayview.

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