Our Commitments:

We believe that when all people have equal access to the outdoors, communities are stronger, healthier, more resilient, and more equitable.

And yet in America today, 100 million people—including 28 million kids—don’t have a park within a 10-minute walk of home. What’s more, disparities in park access fall along racial and economic lines. And in rural areas, counties with less access to public land rank lower in measures of income growth, employment, and population growth.

Working hand in hand with communities, we support the efforts of historically marginalized groups to gain access to high quality parks and outdoors spaces. Our donors and supporters are energizing efforts to put parks and public lands to work to solve some of today’s most urgent challenges to community health, equity, and climate resilience.

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How we're closing the outdoor equity gap

The Equitable Communities Fund

Right now, we are raising philanthropic support through the Equitable Communities Fund to energize and accelerate the efforts of 62 historically marginalized communities to create parks and open space.


The Equitable Communities Fund

The Parks, Jobs, and Equity Act

We're leading a coalition of more than 300 nonprofits, community groups, and companies calling for the Parks, Jobs, and Equity Act—a $500 million investment in local parks to be included in a future infrastructure package. Join the movement by signing our petition.


The Parks, Jobs, and Equity Act

Our ParkScore® index

Our ParkScore index is the most comprehensive evaluation of parks systems in the 100 most populated U.S. cities. Published annually, the index measures park systems according to five categories: access, investment, income, acreage, and equity. Our data also reveals park access for nearly every city and town in the United States, providing communities the information needed to close the park equity gap.


Parks and an equitable recovery

Catalyze the Preservation of Black History and Culture Sites

Just 2 percent of nationally registered historic sites focus on the experience of Black Americans. We're working to change that. Help us build a more equitable and inclusive future by supporting a series of critical projects that preserve the land and spaces that represent the Black American experience.


Help preserve Black history and culture sites

How we're working within communities 

We are the national leader in the movement to ensure that everyone in the country has access to a high-quality park close to home.

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