New Freedom Park, a community-named place where families can grow fresh food, children can play safely, and neighbors can gather.

Studies show that one in 88 children will develop an Autistic Spectrum Disorder by the age of eight. At The Trust for Public Land, we’re learning firsthand that the built environment, in particular, playgrounds, can enrich the lives of these children.

In an article that appeared in the May 2009 issue of Parks & Recreation, TPL's Center for City Park Excellence looks into where, how and how many park agencies are creating skate parks.

It’s virtually impossible to drive the winding stretch of Highway 1 in Central California without marveling at the magnificence of the coast.

A conversation with California health crusader Richard Jackson, who is connecting the dots between lack of access to green space and a growing list of physical and mental health issues.

After a stroke robbed him of his sight and independence, Vietnam veteran Michael Perryman began to lose weight and strength quickly and was always tired.

We weren’t content to just help the people of Crested Butte, Colorado protect the natural backdrop of their idyllic mountain town. We wanted to help them enjoy it, too.

Ever since the world first fell in love with her on Melrose Place, actress Courtney Thorne-Smith has remained one of television’s most familiar faces. When she’s not on set, you can find Courtney hiking among her beloved redwoods along the California coast.

Kids today are more isolated and indoor-oriented than ever. And, as a host of new studies show, this collective “nature deficit” is taking a steep toll on children’s health.

Map of completed projects in New Jersey, updated 2012.