The Never-Still Life

Catching waves, bagging peaks, chasing powder—public land is what makes it all possible. That’s why we work across the country to protect places where everyone can get outside, from the best of the backcountry to your go-to neighborhood parks and trails.


I Ling Thompson is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of The Trust for Public Land. She leads all aspects of marketing and communications to drive the organization’s mission forward.

A city of well‐connected green spaces is more resilient to extreme environmental events, such as heat waves and extreme rainfall.
City parks and other urban natural areas produce benefits with estimated values of up to $6.8 billion USD annually.
Children’s use of neighborhood parks increases by 400% when parks are closer to home.
Nearly ¾ of citizens say that parks, trails, and open space are an essential component of American health care.
Across all age groups, greater access to parks is associated with reduced stress, reduced risk of depression, and greater mental health and well-being.
Across all age groups, greater access to parks is associated with lower body mass index and reduced risk of obesity.
Orlando Rail Trail

Quantifying the Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Urban Parks report outlines the greenhouse gas benefits of adding green space to an urban area and introduces methodologies for estimating potential greenhouse gas reductions.