We work with grassroots groups and civic leaders to ensure equitable access to parks nationwide.
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Everyone deserves a park! 

I believe parks are essential for… 


The research is clear: close-to-home parks boost well-being for the entire neighborhood. People who live near parks get more and better exercise and report better mental health than people who don’t.  


Parks are packed with trees, gardens, and other climate-smart features that reduce the risk of flooding and keep our neighborhoods cooler, protecting people from the impacts of a changing climate.  


Parks are for everyone. Welcoming, beautiful public spaces create opportunities for people to gather with old friends, or make new ones. No matter our differences, parks are where we go to connect with nature—and each other.  

But today, too many people in my community don’t have a great park close to home. So on National Walk to a Park Day, I’m standing with The Trust for Public Land to celebrate the parks we have, and call attention to the parks we need.   

Thanks for supporting the vision of a great park within a 10-minute walk of everyone, in every neighborhood, in every city in America.