Trust for Public Land questions California Cap and Trade spending plan

January 29, 2018

Any Cap and Trade expenditure plan approved by California should invest in programs like greening urban areas, landscape adaptation, and protecting wetlands, The Trust for Public Land said today.

“We all know that climate change is here and it is beginning to have a major impact on California. And any spending of Cap and Trade money should support a wide range of projects to reduce greenhouse gases and provide multiple benefits,” said Mary Creasman, California Director of Government Affairs.

“By those standards, which are set out in state law, we were disappointed to see Gov. Brown’s proposed Cap and Trade plans don’t measure up. The plan he just released wipes out investments in urban greening, adaptation for landscapes, and wetlands. In addition, many of these proposed cuts would fall heavily on underserved communities. These reductions are short-sighted and not the kind of proposals which will help California families in the decades ahead,” Ms. Creasman said. “Communities all over the state are feeling the impacts of fires and flood, particularly in low-income areas and communities of color. California should increase these programs, not cut them. We will work with the legislature to restore funds for these critical programs.”