TPL Praises Reserve Funding Veto (FL)

Tallahassee, 6/6/02 –One of the state’s major land conservation organizations, the Trust for Public Land, applauded Governor Bush for vetoing the legislature’s use of Preservation 2000 and Florida Forever Reserve Funds for projects unrelated to land and water conservation.

“This is big and this is bold,” said Stephanie Culp, Florida Government Affairs Director for the Trust for Public Land. “By this veto, the Governor proves his commitment to protect Florida’s natural resources, and with it the future of our state.”

The veto of the reserve funds will send a strong and clear message to the Legislature that the Governor won’t tolerate raids on the environmental trust funds.

Stopping the Legislature’s trend in diverting this money is essential to fulfilling the commitment to 73% of Floridians who voted in 1998 to approve the Florida Forever Program.

“If we lose Florida’s special places, then we have lost our state’s identity.” said Stephanie Culp.