Press release

The Montana Wetland Council has awarded the 2017 Montana Wetland Stewardship Award to The Trust for Public Land citing the Trust’s accomplishments in the Story Mill Restoration Project.

A Ruby Meadowhawk at Bear Swamp Preserve

Already home to nearly 200,000 residents, Medina County is one of the top ten fastest growing counties in the State of Ohio. While good news for the local economy, this growth is threatening the area’s remaining wild landscapes and cutting off public access to its vibrant natural resources.

Bates Teton River Access Park

The Teton River, winding its way through Teton Valley, Idaho, is the only water-based recreation opportunity for neighboring towns. The blue-ribbon fishery is not only a treasured resource for locals but brings considerable eco-tourism to the valley. In April 2016, the 80-acres surrounding Bates...

The Ward Trust property in Loveland, CO

Experiencing nature close to home just got easier for residents of Loveland, Colorado with the protection of 78 acres of prime wildlife habitat, agricultural lands, and wetlands adjacent to the Morey Wildlife Reserve.

A family walks down a path at Colwood Park in Portland, Oregon

The mayor of Portland calls the transformation of a private golf course into a public park “a land-use miracle”—but it wasn’t a hole in one. 
When the owner of the 18-hole golf course in Portland’s Cully neighborhood first proposed selling the property for industrial development...

American flag flying in front of mountains

Protecting land brings all kinds of people together—in our work across the country, we’ve seen creative collaborations between everyone from hikers and birders to utility districts and railroads. But there’s one type of conservationist you might find especially surprising: military bases. ...

Waipā Kuleana

The Trust for Public Land and Waipā Foundation are working to purchase two kuleana properties in Waipā–Kaluanono and Halulu Fishpond Access – to fasten Waipā Foundation on Kaua‘i’s north shore.

Bear Swamp Creek, NJ

In 2016, The Trust for Public Land protected the headwaters of Bear Swamp Creek in Burlington County. The property’s longtime owners might have built a subdivision, but were hampered by strict regulations meant to safeguard the region’s drinking water and natural character.

Mark Hoffman

For much of the past century, wetlands were dismissed as useless or even dangerous—dredged, filled in, developed, and polluted. Since 1900, we’ve lost nearly two-thirds of the wetland in the contiguous United States.

The good news? Attitudes and policies are starting to come around: today...

Press release

Wells Fargo and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation have awarded a $75,000 grant to Story Mill Community Park—the second donation to the project through their Environmental Solutions for Communities Initiative - The Trust for Public Land announced today.