To reach her favorite spot at Camp Whispering Hills, Allison Walker would coax a horse up the steep trail behind the barn. The climb zig-zagged through hardwood forests to the top of a sandstone cliff, where the trees opened up to a high, sprawling meadow. “You could see for miles up there,”...

Photo of Untermeyer Lake

Partnering with Morris County and Kinnelon Borough, The Trust for Public Land worked to protect 178 acres along and adjacent to Untermeyer Lake in Morris County. The preservation of this property helps ensure the integrity of the New Jersey Highlands and protects an important water resource for New Jersey residents.


Imagine you’re visiting Colorado Springs—not today, but more than 66 million years ago. Instead of the high, arid plain you’ll find there now, you’d walk beneath the dark canopy of a rainforest, among giant ferns and big rivers charging off the slopes of the brand-new Rocky Mountains. You might...


Located in the Driftless Area, the newly protected Yucatan Wildlife Management Area was formerly operated as a Girl Scout camp. Since its recent closure, the camp's beautiful landscape has been threatened by increased development pressure and the conversion of nearby natural lands to agriculture.


Lisa Bauman-Cook has spent thousands of hours crawling, shimmying, scrambling, and rappelling into caves across the western United States. But do not call her a spelunker. 

That term, she says, was coined by mid-20th-century tourism boosters to entice customers into caves. As a result, in...

Bush Camp in Northwoods of Minnesota

This property is situated within the artic watershed just a few miles south of the Canadian border and surrounded by the Boundary Waters, the most visited wilderness area in the country. After more than a decade of work with The Trust for Public Land, and with funding from the Leuthold Wilderness Foundation, Jim and Judy Brandenburg created an iconic place for all when they protected this unbroken stretch of hundreds of acres of wild land surrounding beautiful Judd Lake.

Egrets over Goethal’s Bridge Pond

The Trust for Public Land partnered with NYC Audubon on two conservation visions, The Harbor Herons Report (1990) and An Islanded Nature (2001), highlighting unprotected wetlands and other natural areas in northwest Staten Island. These reports helped catalyze the transfer of hundreds of acres of land to NYC Parks, as well as the acquisition of eight properties (totaling 131 acres) by The Trust for Public Land, for protection by the State’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

 Depot Place property on Bronx shore of Harlem River

The Trust for Public Land acquired a parcel at Depot Place, which is now part of the city’s Bridge Park. In addition, in 2012, The Trust for Public Land and HRWG completed a vision plan for a Harlem River Greenway.

A man stands at Udall’s Cove

Over a period of 20 years, The Trust for Public Land has acquired four separate parcels in this preserve in northeast Queens. This land, now managed by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, represents some of the last remaining forest and most intact tidal wetland in this section of New York City.

Press release

Will Rogers, President of The Trust for Public Land, today issued the following statement after the release of details of President Trump’s proposed FY 2018 budget, for the 12 months beginning Oct. 1:
“President Trump’s detailed budget displays a complete and reckless disregard for our environment and the public lands used for recreation by millions of American families. If enacted by Congress, these cuts and program eliminations would wreak havoc on our outdoor economy and the millions of jobs it supports in our local communities, and will undermine cities and towns working right now to create a clean and healthy future."