With the coronavirus spreading rapidly through cities, officials around the nation started to look for ways to give cooped-up residents more elbow room. Such traditional pubic venues as restaurants and theaters were suddenly closed, and even outdoor spaces like playgrounds and ball fields were...

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is a vital gateway connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Great pride went into the construction of the bridge, but it fundamentally changed Camden over 100 years ago when it divided the City, fencing beneath continues to divide the communities living nearby. During heavy rain and snow events, run-off from the bridge floods the surrounding streets making travel challenging. We’re changing all of that by working in partnership with City leaders. Once complete, vast gardens will capture and direct stormwater runoff and an accompanying trail will provide a vital pedestrian link alleviating flooding and reconnecting neighbors. 

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In the heart of Queens there is a 3.5-mile strip of abandoned railroad track that represents the promise of transformation. No train has traversed its overgrown rails since 1962. A mature forest of trees towers above the derelict tracks. Weeds and wildflowers poke up amid the trash that has been dumped there.

It is a space that could better serve some of New York City’s most diverse communities and show that every neighborhood deserves a great park and a safe place away from cars to walk, run, and cycle...


The forested slopes of Cougar Mountain are a comforting backdrop to daily life in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah. Hitting the trail for an hour after work or a long weekend ramble through the 3,000-acre Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is part of the routine here, a given, a fact of life....


This year, Clevelanders commemorated the 50th anniversary of the day the Cuyahoga River—which runs through the heart of the city—caught fire. We caught up with Shanelle Smith Whigham, our Ohio State Director, on the redemptive legacy of this infamous environmental disaster, and how we're making...

Lakeview Terrace

Lakeview Terrace is one of the oldest public housing complexes in the country, and the grounds were a reflection of a time when greenspace and recreation areas weren’t a public priority. While it’s home to a multi-generational population of nearly 3,000, there were no safe and welcoming outdoor spaces to gather, play and celebrate with one another. That’s why we teamed up with L.L. Bean, Cleveland Housing Authority and residents of Lakeview Terrace to turns the grounds into a place where people want to be outside.


For years, students at Dallas’s South Oak Cliff High School went to class in grim conditions. “The roof leaked, asbestos was everywhere, drinking water came in lead pipes, the heating and air conditioning didn’t work,” says Derek Battie, head of the South Oak Cliff alumni association. “Our...


Laurie and Andrea Kass are on a mission. The mother-daughter duo from Marquette, Michigan, aim to hike at least 100 miles on the North Country Trail this year. “When we first started hiking together a few years ago, Andrea could go maybe a half-mile—a mile, tops,” says Laurie. “Now she’s up to...

Photo of painted tires along a fence

The Westwood Via Verde is a project of Cool Connected Westwood (CCW), a coalition of partners dedicated to working collaboratively with Westwood residents to realize community-prioritized changes to the places where people live, work, and play in Westwood. The Westwood Via Verde is the vision of the community and represents a transformational neighborhood scale project that will result in a vibrant and connected system of multi-benefit green infrastructure to improve water quality, increase tree canopy, and support community empowerment and job creation.

Photo of a trail

The Alton Park Connector project will convert a former CSX rail line into a 1.3-mile shared-use path to walk and bike to nearby shops, jobs, and the Tennessee Riverpark. Beginning at the entrance to the Tennessee Riverwalk at Middle Street, the rail line proceeds eastwardly and then southwardly, terminating at the new Southside Community Park.