Healthy, connected Chattanooga

tn_chattanooga_074.jpgPatricia Ohmans says a map of park need in St. Paul was a key part of their pitch for Frogtown Park and Farm. "People can understand a map, and officials can’t ignore the evidence that’s right in front of them.”Photo credit: Hollis Bennett

The Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities™ program helps cities nationwide conserve land and create parks and green infrastructure to meet the climate challenge. In partnership with the City of Chattanooga and local stakeholders, we're working to enhance the city’s efforts in sustainability and resilience planning through the strategic planning of green space. Using geographic information systems (GIS) planning and research, we've developed a plan aimed at the following outcomes: 1) Healthy parks for healthy people, and 2) sustainability and green infrastructure for climate-smart cities. This report provides an overview of that effort.