The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Coalition

A young man fishes on the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River, Chattahoochee National ForestPhoto Credit: Darcy Kiefel

Establishing a long-term, sustainable source of funding for conservation in Georgia

Georgia's economy and quality of life – including its $27 billion outdoor recreation and $59 billion tourism industries - have long been tied to the state’s abundant natural resources. Recognizing the need to effectively manage and protect these finite assets, The Trust for Public Land helped found the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Coalition in 2010. Our goal is to secure a vibrant and healthy future for our state – one that balances the needs of our environment and our economy.

The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act proposes a solution that would generate as much as $40 million annually for land conservation purposes without raising or creating any new taxes or fees. Funding would be used for the acquisition of lands critical to the protection of clean water supplies, wildlife or outdoor recreation. It would also be used to acquire and improve parks in urban areas and maintain access to already protected lands throughout the state.

Without a significant and active effort to conserve and protect our land and resources, the Georgia we know will radically change. Investing in our land today will determine if our state is still a place where we want to live, work and play in the future.