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The economic benefits of parks

Measuring the Economic Value of a City Park System (2009)

City-Specific reports on the economic benefits of parks and recreation systems:

The health benefits of parks reports

From Fitness Zones to the Medical Mile: How Urban Park Systems Can Best Promote Health and Wellness (2011)
The Health Benefits of Parks: How Parks Help Keep Americans and Their Communities Fit and Healthy (2007)

Planning and creating parks

City Parks, Clean Water: Making Great Places Using Green Infrastructure (2016)
"Which Comes First, the Park or the People?" (Urban Land, October 2015)
"Excising Airports and Railyards for Better Urban Parkland Comparisons" (American Planning Association, Summer 2014)
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"Fairways Under Fire: Are little-used public golf courses worth the space?"(Landscape Architecture Magazine, June 2011; Utne Reader, November/December 2011)
"Cemeteries Alive: Graveyards are resurging as green spaces for the public" (Landscape Architecture Magazine, December 2010; American Cemetery, January 2011)
"Walking on Water" (Urban Land, October, 2009)
"Complete Communities: Green space and affordable housing" (Communities & Banking, Summer 2009)
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"Coming to a City Near You: Skate Parks!" (Parks & Recreation, May 2009)
Smart Collaboration: How urban parks can support affordable housing (2009)
"When There's Nothing to Conserve—Create! Parks can be central to a great redevelopment project" (Journal of Housing & Community Development, November/December 2008)
"Nature Over Traffic: In the United States, a movement is underway to conceal urban highways with parks" (Urban Land, April, 2007; Governing, January 2007)
The Excellent City Park System: What makes it great and how to get there (2006)
"From Dumps to Destinations: The conversions of landfills to parks" (Places journal, 2006)
"Creating Dog Parks—Without Rancor" (The Christian Science Monitor, June 2005)
"Parks: How Far is Too Far?" (Planning, December 2004)

Managing parks

Public Spaces/Private Money: The Triumphs and Pitfalls of Urban Park Conservancies" (2015)
"How Many Out-of-Towners are in Your Parks?" (Parks and Recreation, May 2014)
"Safer Parks After Dark: New night-lighting methods help provide answers for dark-sky advocates" (Landscape Architecture Magazine, November 2011)
"Secrets of the Private Sector: How parks and recreation agencies can flex their marketing muscles" (Parks & Recreation, August 2010)
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"Parks Under Siege" (Planning, October 2008)
"Proceed Without Caution: City parks are closing their roads to cars" (Planning, July 2008)
Downtown Parks: A report on the users, uses and features of successful downtown parks for the Minneapolis Downtown Greening Initiative (2007)
"Pavement in the Park: The parking problem in city parks" (Parks & Recreation, June 2007; Landscape Architecture Magazine, July 2007)
Parking in Parks: Data Table (2007)
"If They Don't Count, You Don't Count: Estimating the number of city park users is important—really!" (Parks & Recreation, June 2005)

Paying for parks

Community Development Block Grant Program White Paper (2015)
Downtown Parks: Funding methods, management structures, and costs (2008)
"Who's Going to Pay for this Park? The role of developer exactions in the creation of new city parks" (American Planning Association, July/August 2005)
Local Parks, Local Financing - Volume II: Paying for Urban Parks Without Raising Taxes (1998)

Individual cities, park systems and parks

The Parks of Memphis: Past, Present and Future (2014)
Charleston Rail Line Linear Park Report (2013)
The Park System of New Brunswick, New Jersey: Findings and Recommendations (2011)
Bracing for Change: Fort Monroe and the need for parkland in Hampton Roads (2008)
Downtown Minneapolis Park Space Initiative Final Report (2008)
The Soul of San Diego: Keeping Balboa Park magnificent in its second century (Part II, 2008)
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Open Space Implementation Strategy for the City of Waukegan, Illinois Lakefront-Downtown Master Plan (2007)
Renewing A Historic Legacy: The park system of Hartford, Connecticut (2007)
The Park System of Salem, Oregon: A report to assist in the update of the 1999 park and recreation master plan (2007)
"Keeping Balboa Park Magnificent in its Second Century: A look at management, fundraising, and private partnerships at five other major U.S. city parks" (Part I, 2006)
The Park System of Norfolk, Virginia: An analysis of its strengths and weaknesses (2005)
"Renewing the Source: The redesign of a San Antonio park reconciles citizens from opposite sides of the tracks" (San Pedro Springs Park) (Landscape Architecture Magazine, June 2004)
The Role of Parks and Greenspace in Redevelopment in Camden, New Jersey (2004)
An Open Space Analysis: Newark, New Jersey (2004)
"The Best Backyard in Baltimore: Baltimore's beating heart is renewed after decades of neglect" (Landscape Architecture Magazine, December 2002)
"Indianapolis, Indiana Study" (2002)

The need for parks

"Urban Parks are Making a Comeback"(Journal of Urban Affairs; Parks & Recreation, September 2008)

Books on parks

Urban Green: Innovative Parks for Resurgent Cities (2010)
The Conservation Finance Handbook (2009)
Inside City Parks (Urban Land Institute and The Trust for Public Land, 2000)