Blog Entries by Michael Lanza

On a lonely stretch of beach in Olympic National Park, my family and I approached a bus-sized boulder. As we drew closer, we saw it was plastered with barnacles and sea anemones, sea stars in bold shades of orange and purple, and thousands of mussels packed shell-to-shell.

The steady current of the Green River pulls our rafts and kayaks toward what looks like a geologic impossibility.

With our young families in tow, my friends and I waded into the crowd gathering around Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. We were buddies before we were parents: days of rock climbing, backpacking, and backcountry skiing together. Now, between us, we had five kids under five.

The ranger in the office of Idaho’s Sawtooth National Recreation Area frowned skeptically when I explained my plans to backpack an 18-mile loop to Alice and Toxaway lakes.

Author Michael Lanza

Writer, photographer, and Trust for Public Land media partner Michael Lanza is the creator of The Big Outside, where he blogs about his outdoor adventures, including many with his wife and children.