Blog Entries by Lisa W. Foderaro

Across the timeless landscape of Montana, where mountains undulate with Douglas fir and ponderosa pine, and rivers course through verdant valleys, there is a new unease. It’s a feeling among residents that the Big Sky Country they know and love might not be as immutable as they once believed.

Lisa Brown, a high school math teacher in western Montana, tracks the seasons according to the good things she can harvest from nearby woodlands and forests.

Mitch Doherty is about as outdoorsy a Montanan as you can imagine. The 42-year-old conservationist and father of two actually hails from Wisconsin. But after getting a taste of Big Sky Country while working a summer job in college, he pulled up stakes and never looked back.

Jim Williams cares deeply about wildlife. An ardent hunter, he believes that if you are going to eat meat, nothing shows more respect for the animal bound for your dinner plate than overseeing all aspects of the journey yourself. “

Paulette Epple grew up on a game farm in Minnesota where her father raised ducks, geese, and peacocks, which were then sold to adorn zoos and private estates. So it was perhaps no surprise that after moving to Montana 40 years ago, she eventually found her way back to the avian world.