• ut_zion_11022017_177
    Private property sign in front of view of Zion National Park.
    Mike Schirf

    Zion National Park is at risk of development. We’re working to protect it.

    A recent report found that more than 9 million acres of public land across the West are "landlocked," cut off from public access by private land. 

  • vt_lincolnpeak_03042012_016
    ©Brian Mohr/ EmberPhoto.ph 802-496-5434.email: info@emberphoto.com..TPL - Lincoln Peak.Green Mountains, Vermont..
    ©Brian Mohr/ Ember Photography - All rights reserved

    How do you measure a year?

    We have lots of statistics about the work we did together in 2018. But the numbers are only part of the story. 

  • ut_millcreek_20150506_055.jpg
    Mill Creek, a part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail project near Salt Lake City, UT. Photos by Mike Schirf.
    © Mike Schirf

    New study: the 50 best cities to #OptOutside

    Pretty much any way we slice the data, it's clear there are major disparities in access to public lands across the country. 

  • ny_ps111m_06102015_294
    Opening celebration of the PS 111M playground in Hell's Kitchen in New York City, NYC Playgrounds Program.
    Timothy Schenck

    200 New York City playgrounds later, we're still greening strong

    In the mid 1990s, New York City had less green space per person than almost anywhere in America. See what's changed since we started rebuilding parks across all five boroughs. 

  • ca_kellogg_06212018_56
    Kellogg Park in Los Angeles, CA.
    Annie Bang

    #SaveLWCF to help cities reach green space goals

    Everyone deserves a park within a 10-minute walk. See how the Land and Water Conservation Fund is helping cities build parks where they're needed most. 

  • ga_historicfourthwardpark_06182011_006.jpg
    A skateboarder waits his turn at the new Skateboard Park, Josh holds his skateboard while watching the skateboard action at the new Skateboard Park at the Historic Fourth Ward Park in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta Beltline., 2011, GA, Historic Fourth Ward Park, Parks for People, Fulton, Atlanta, Historic Fourth Ward Park, Children | Developed Park | Playground | Recreation, Darcy Kiefel

    Falling with style, and other life lessons from a neighborhood skate park

    “Skaters have to know how to handle a situation if you’re about to lose your balance. There are things you can do to stay on your feet, or at least fall in a way you don’t get hurt.”

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