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So 50,000 people walked into a park ...

Opening day at The 606Nearly three miles long, The 606 provides a way to walk or bike above car traffic.Photo credit: Adam Alexander Photography

Alright, some of them biked ... or roller-bladed ... or danced! But one way or another, 50,000 people turned out to celebrate the long-awaited debut of The 606. The former rail line that once divided neighborhoods is now bringing them together—and we couldn’t be more excited.

At the grand opening June 6, friends and families spent the day getting acquainted with their new park. A community parade down the elevated trail drew marching bands, dancers, and a steady stream of cyclists. Festivities at ground level in the access parks featured everything from poetry to kickball—plus kite-flying, fly-casting, and capoeira.

The Trust for Public Land and partners hustled to open The 606 to the public as soon as possible—and for good reason: as you can see, neighbors and visitors are already putting the space to good use. 


But with lots of work left to do—from landscaping details to additional access points—this one-of-a-kind space still needs support. Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust will match donations to The 606 through December 31, 2015—it's a great time to get on board!


Bruce Cox
Simply........ Fantastic!
Hector Parra
I think we should create projects that mainly improve the environment. Meaning nature. Projects that protect animals even little ones including the ocean. We are all connected to this planet. Only one home. The more we built without concern about the nature and the environment, the future generations will have an uncertain future. We need to do things but thinking how is going to impact the world including animals, environment, nature and even people. We all be affected. Once we destroyed nature and animals we would be next. So what the heck corporations with help of politicians are doing in many parts of the world? I just read an article about another oil leak that killed hundreds of birds and sea lions and the ocean is covered in black.when it's to stop. When it's too late or when we destroyed everything. This public land I think is great as long it didn't affect the environment.
patrick patteron
Looks like they could use some rules to control Bicyclists....

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