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Maggie Muchmore

Miss your favorite parks? Download these virtual backgrounds!

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Working remotely and want to show your love for parks and The Trust for Public Land? Your next conference call could be a walk in the park by downloading one of our custom backgrounds.

Learn how to change your Zoom background here and your Ring Central background here.

Not using a conference channel that supports virtual backgrounds? These also make great desktop backgrounds for your home or work computer.

To save these photos to your computer, follow these instructions:

  • Windows users: Click the button that says "Download this photo by..." for the image you want to download.
    Then, right click the image and select "Save image as..."
  • Mac users:
    Click the button that says "Download this photo by..." for the image you want to download.
    Control-click the image.
    Choose "Save Image As" 

Special Note: If your virtual background shows the TPL logo mirrored (if it looks backwards) while using Zoom, do the following.

  1. While in a zoom meeting, click the arrow ( ^ ) next to the Video icon in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen.
  2. Click "Video Settings"
  3. Under "My Video", unselect "Enable mirror effect"

The mirror effect is something only you can see; other viewers will not see the reversed logo even if it is mirrored on your computer, but if you want the background to appear to you as it appears to everyone else, follow the above instructions.


This is a great idea, but why don't you identify where these places are so we know before we download?
Lory Ono
Anonymous, There's a little caption on the corners of the pics with a short description of where each one is, unless you want more details. :)
Duffy Diana
A lovely idea, but when I click to download the image by Maggie Muchmore (the one in your email), it brings up the following image. I've clicked on a few other buttons without success.

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