Program Manager

Posted Date: June 5, 2020
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
The Parks for People Program Manager works with local communities in and around Boston to create and transform urban parks and open spaces, with a focus on addressing climate, equity, and health issues. In partnership with local community leaders, neighborhood residents, public agencies, nonprofit partners, and others, the Program Manager engages community members to identify, shape, and realize green space projects that meet local residents’ needs, align with the Trust for Public Land’s Land for People mission, have sound long-term ownership and stewardship strategies, and can be successfully funded and completed.
With a focus on achieving The Trust for Public Land’s local 5-year goal of inspiring, supporting, and delivering 25 great parks and open spaces situated within a 10-minute walk of 100,000 people, the Program Manager works with the Parks for People Program Director and State Director to:
  • Understand community, public agency, and funder green space priorities—and the enabling conditions for successfully creating and transforming urban green spaces
  • Engage local community members with humility, respect, and an earnest desire to understand and advocate for the parks and open spaces they want, within the context of available funding, public agency priorities, and other marketplace realities
  • Foster greater community understanding of neighborhood climate change risks and resilience solutions—particularly with respect to urban heat islands, which pose the deadliest climate threat to major U.S. cities
  • Identify, vet, initiate, manage, and successfully complete park-creation, park-rehabilitation, and urban open space projects
  • Convene public and private stakeholders and build coalitions of support for projects
  • Collaborate with The Trust for Public Land’s local, regional, and national program, philanthropy, finance, and legal staff, and with our local advisory board, to develop and advance projects
  • Secure public and private funding for capital, project, and staffing costs, working in collaboration with internal philanthropy and government relations staff, and with external funders and donors
  • Select, engage, and manage consultants and vendors to engineer, design, permit, and construct parks, working in collaboration with internal legal and finance staff, and external public agency and non-profit partners
  • Travel regionally (up to approximately 10-20%) to advance New England projects beyond Metro-Boston, as may be needed. 
  • Attend generally occasional, but sometimes frequent, evening and weekend meetings with community organizations, public agencies, regulatory entities, and others
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • A critical mass of the skills and experience described below
The ideal candidate will have strong, proven skills in most—though not necessarily all—of the following areas:
  • Community engagement and organizing
  • Building coalitions and partnerships
  • Diplomacy
  • Project management
  • Budgeting and expense management
  • Grant-writing and fundraising
  • Landscape design process (actual design work is completed by outside landscape architects) 
  • Selection and management of vendors
  • Securing regulatory permits
  • Written, verbal, and interpersonal communications
  • Self-direction, with the ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Achieving outcomes and delivering results
The ideal candidate will also have skills and experience in some of the following areas, but these are not required in order to be considered for this position: 
  • Living and/or working in historically underserved communities and communities of color
  • Knowledge of current urban issues, such as planning, parks, climate, public health, and equity
  • Marketing products or services
  • Giving presentations and public speaking
  • Employing participatory design and creative place-making techniques
  • Contract negotiations
  • Media relations
  • Fluency in a non-English language that is widely spoken in local immigrant communities
The Trust for Public Land is committed to cultivating a diverse staff that is representative of the communities we serve.  Applications from individuals having diverse backgrounds and life experiences are strongly encouraged.  We are open to the possibility that a great candidate for this job may not precisely meet all of the above criteria; if you believe you’re the right person for this job and can persuasively make that case, we encourage you to apply.