Charlotte Dougherty

Charlotte is the Executive Director at BasicNeeds US, a non-profit organization serving the health, social, and economic needs of people with mental illnesses and neurological disorders in the world’s poorest communities. BasicNeeds’ focus is on grant making, technical assistance, and advocacy for the people in these communities. She holds a Masters degree in Environmental Health Policy and Management from Harvard School of Public Health. She has 20 years of experience managing environmental projects and programs as a consultant, Principal, and Director at Industrial Economics, Incorporated. Her most recent work involves issues of land protection and conservation, land use planning and economic development, urban infill and brownfields redevelopment, sustainable design and development, and open space benefits assessment. She has worked with government agencies, regional planning organizations, and non-profit organizations to develop policies, analyze impacts, and create education forums and outreach materials related to these issues.

Charlotte is particularly interested in the public health and community benefits of parks, and land conservation strategies that integrate the environmental, health, economic, and social aspects of the human use of natural resources. She is currently a member of an environmental action team for a faith-based organization developing grass-roots support for conservation and climate change initiatives. Charlotte's in-depth understanding of the environmental, economic, and social values that underlie the importance of conserving land for human use fuel her passion for conservation.