Imagine you were never more than a 10-minute walk from a place to explore.

To discover.

To wonder.

To play.



In many cities, more than half of children don’t have a park or green space within a 10-minute walk—or half mile—of home.

Instead, kids play in streets, alleyways, or vacant lots. Or they simply stay inside, eyes glued to screens—a national crisis of inactivity that has contributed to epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, and depression.

That's why we are leading a national movement
to put a park within a 10-minute walk
of every home,
in every neighborhood,
in every American city.

How close is your park?

The research is clear: close-to-home parks boost well-being for the entire neighborhood.

From the child diagnosed with ADHD to the senior recovering from hip surgery, people who live near parks get more and better exercise and report better mental health than people who don’t.

Nearby green space makes it easier to socialize, recreate, and relax with a quick jog before work, a pickup soccer game after school, or a sunset stroll.

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What makes a truly great park?

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Parks are a prescription for healthy cities.


Everyone deserves a great park.

PS 7 Community Playground in the Bronx




PS 7 Community Playground in the Bronx


How will we do it?

At The Trust for Public Land, we're proud to say that we've been connecting communities to the outdoors—and to each other—since 1972. Millions of Americans live within a 10-minute walk of a park or natural area we've helped create, and countless more visit every year.

But today we're dreaming even bigger. We are leading a national movement to put a park or natural area within a 10-minute walk of everyone. And we're sharing our research, education, and planning tools to inspire more people to advocate for close-to-home parks—wherever they live.