Wildlife habitat

The Trust for Public Land today announced a new program to begin conserving land for dinosaurs in the event that scientists succeed in restoring the ancient creatures to their former habitat.

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Less than an hour from the bustle of downtown Boston, a forest hideaway provides a peaceful refuge for foxes, otters, songbirds—and people.

A summer-camp spot since the 1930s, the 286-acre property is known as East Boston Camps. In 2005, The Trust... Read more

Map of completed projects in Vermont through 2013.

... Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen!

Santa’s reindeer have a tough job, what with flying around the world in a single night. But wild reindeer, also called caribou, cover a lot of ground... Read more

The Trust for Public Land is working to protect and transform 54 acres adjoining the historic Story Mill in Bozeman, Montana, into a unique city park with exciting opportunities for active recreation, outdoor community gathering spaces, a nature sanctuary... Read more

Map of The Trust for Public Land's projects in Maine, 1993-2012

The southern anchor of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem—the largest intact temperate ecosystem in the northern hemisphere—the Hoback Basin is home to magnificent mountains, vibrant forests, and the headwaters of the Wild and Scenic Hoback River.

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Established in 1942, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge consists of 4,662 acres on the southern two-thirds of Plum Island, a barrier island on Massachusetts' Northeast coast. It provides a crucial flyover stop and nesting habitat for over 300 species of... Read more

Straddling the Sierra Crest at Donner Summit, the 3,000-acre Royal Gorge property is a mosaic of lush mountain meadows, old-growth forests, and crystal-clear streams—a place rich in natural resources and human history. As the largest cross-country ski... Read more

Map of completed projects in New Jersey, updated 2012.