Why The Trust for Public Land

The Leader in City Parks

The Trust for Public Land has created more parks in cities than any other national conservation organization. One of TPL's founding goals was to provide close-to-home nature, and in the forty years since, we have grown into the nation's premier organization creating parks and gardens, building playgrounds, and setting aside natural land for urban residents.

TPL's city projects include 176 community playgrounds in New York City, the showcase Railyard Park & Plaza in Santa Fe, Seattle's dazzling Olympic Sculpture Park, and parks along the Atlanta Beltline, one of the nation's most ambitious urban greening efforts.

In 2001, TPL established the Center for City Park Excellence to sponsor research and share knowledge about city parks. The center has become an acknowledged thought leader, publishing its annual City Park Facts on the nation's largest park systems and developing state-of-the-art models that help advocates calculate the economic benefits of city park systems. 

TPL's Visioning service has developed GIS models for understanding park equity and access and has been recognized for innovation by ESRI, the leading provider of GIS software.

 Leading in Money for Conservation

In 1994, TPL founded its Conservation Finance service to help states and communities raise money for parks and open space. More recently, TPL created its affiliate, The Conservation Campaign (TCC), to assist in this effort.

TPL and TCC have helped 382 ballot measures gain voter approval, generating more than $34 billion in new funds for local parks and land conservation. In 2010, the measures that passed with TPL's help accounted for 85% of all conservation funding generated at the ballot box. Every $1 invested in this program has yielded more than $2,000 in new public funds. 

TPL's online LandVote™ database is the nation's premier source of information on state and local conservation finance measures, covering all measures since 1988.

The Conservation Organization for the 21st Century

With our extensive experience and innovative techniques, TPL is prepared for the complex conservation challenges ahead. In addition to leading in urban conservation and conservation funding, TPL: