Since 1994, The Trust for Public Land has worked with the City of Chattanooga, acquiring land and easements to create a large system of parks and greenways. In the south, a section winds along the creek corridor from Camp Jordan northward to the Tennessee... Read more

With its rugged terrain, mature forests, and remote location, the
14,000-acre Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness features stunning
waterfalls, rapids, ponds, oxbows, and terraces along the river's
13-mile run in Michigan's deepest valley.... Read more

Meandering for 75 miles through Houston and surrounding Harris County, Buffalo Bayou is an important open space resource. But residents of the crowded East End of Houston enjoy little access to the historic waterway, where the battle of San Jacinto was... Read more

Residents of fast-growing San Antonio work tirelessly to protect the Edwards Aquifer, sole source of the city's drinking water. In 1999, residents passed Proposition 3, a dedicated sales tax to purchase watershed land around the city and in 2000, we... Read more

Since Colonial times, an expanse of land known as the Common Pasture, in Newbury and Newburyport has been continuously used for farming and pasturing livestock. In recent time, the legacy of this historic landscape, and the drinking water supply and... Read more

The Borough of Allentown prides itself on its historic homes set in a rural landscape. In 2007, concerned residents asked TPL to help protect more than 140 acres on the borough's border, adjacent to the local Heritage Park and a new elementary school site... Read more

The Isinglass River flows through one of the fastest-growing regions of New Hampshire. It is a prized recreation spot for local anglers and boating enthusiasts, as well as a critical source of drinking water for many towns.

In 2008, we worked with... Read more

In late 2010, TPL protected 60 acres in Tijeras Canyon, adding the
last piece of unprotected land to a six-mile stretch of public open
space along the Sandia foothills south to the Manzano Mountains.

running water, mature... Read more

The Trust for Public Land has worked for several years to secure critical lands at Snoqualmie Point and along Rattlesnake Ridge—important components of the Mountains to Sound Greenway that provide wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. In... Read more

This 3,800-acre property consists of 8 checkerboard sections in Kittitas County, Washington. Located along Interstate I-90 and adjacent to Keechelus Lake and the Yakima River, these parcels are a critical component of the Mountains to Sound Greenway. In... Read more