Within a year, Chattanooga will have completed almost all of a horseshoe-shaped loop of interconnected urban trails stretching some 25 miles — what urban development experts say is one of the most impressive such greenways of any city its size.

In recent months, Sister Veronica and the Sisters of Our Lady have been in talks to sell the lion’s share of their 38-acres of Upper Nyack property.

The push to preserve one of Rockland's most treasured properties cleared perhaps its toughest obstacle this week after Clarkstown and Upper Nyack committed to chipping in a combined $400,000 to help reach the purchase price.

Sister Veronica Mendez adjusted her glasses and tried to remember the last time someone joined the religious order here. “Joined and stayed?” she pondered.

In the early 1924, the Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine established a summer camp in Upper Nyak for youth from New York City.

The town of West Windsor, Vermont, will open a rope tow on February 6 that leads skiers up land once occupied by Ascutney Mountain Resort.

A key section of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and Long Trail in Stamford and Pownal, Vermont has been protected by adding 378 acres of land to the Green Mountain National Forest, The Trust for Public Land and U.S. Forest Service announced today.... Read more

The Trust for Public Land on Tuesday announced that it has finalized the purchase of 470 acres of the former Ascutney Mountain Resort, a key milestone in West Windsor’s efforts to keep attracting outdoor enthusiasts to the former ski village.

Today The Trust for Public Land succeeded in protecting 468-acres of the former Ascutney Mountain Resort for the town of West Windsor and adding it to the existing 1,112-acre West Windsor Town Forest.

In the town of Alamosa, in Colorado's San Luis Valley, a 38-acre site along the Rio Grande has become a place for local Guatemalan and Mayan immigrants to farm corn, beans, and squash for affordable, healthy food.