Parks for People Newark

Parks for People, Newark
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A dire need for outdoor play space
Did you know that fewer than 50 percent of the children in Newark, the state's largest city live within walking distance of a safe park or playground? By engaging all segments of the community, The Trust for Public Land is creating a citywide network of parks and playgrounds that will provide 50,000 residents with access to badly needed outdoor recreational spaces.

Participation is program cornerstone
Design teams of students, city and school staff, and members of the community are involved with all phases of the process from evaluation to final design. They work to include green elements such as trees, learning gardens, and planting beds and incorporate fields, play equipment, and ball courts to offer new opportunities for exercise, sports, and recreation. This educational and rewarding process establishes a community investment in the new outdoor spaces.

As of 2010, this program created nine new community parks and playgrounds and marshaled $30 million in public and philanthropic funds. we are helping to develop the two largest city-owned parks, adding 15 acres of new facilities.

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Since 1972, The Trust for Public Land has protected more than 3 million acres and completed more than 5,200 park and conservation projects.