Tierra de Opportunidades


Holyoke Farmland, Massachusetts
Photo credit: 
Coralie Rosario

With TPL's help, this roughly four-acre parcel of land was purchased in
2004 by Nuestras Raíces, a grass-roots organization that promotes
economic, human and community development in Holyoke, Massachusetts
through projects relating to food, agriculture, and the environment.
This productive green space benefits the entire community, providing
land for urban farmers and education and outreach opportunities for
youth, who can take part in organized activities as they learn about
leadership and stewardship of the river, trees and wildlife along the
bank. Building on their success with the initial four-acre acquisition,
Nuestras Raíces has now expanded its access to 20 additional riverfront
acres, now also protected by the state's Agricultural Preservation
Restriction program.

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