Monitor Avenue Park

For decades, 1.13 acres of land on Monitor Avenue in Watts lay vacant, overgrown with weeds and strewn with garbage and broken glass. When plans for a housing development fell through, the prospect of giving local children and their parents a safe, welcoming place to meet and play motivated neighbors to step forward and support the creation of a community park. Local residents actively participated in the park planning process. At a series of community workshops, they suggested special features and helped to refine and shape their initial input into a coherent concept for the entire park. Following their wishes, the finished design includes a large children’s playground, walking path, a Fitness Zone® outdoor gym for adults and teens, skate-friendly features, and a down-to-earth grassy lawn with picnic tables.

Due to be completed in 2014, Monitor Avenue Park is one of eight new parks being built in Los Angeles County over the next three years.

The project is a partnership between The Trust for Public Land and the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks.

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